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Industrial Hearing
Audiological Services

WebAudi a leader in Industrial hearing conservation, has more than 35 years of industrial audiological analysis. With over one and a half million (>1,500,000) hearing test performed and analyzed, we are driven to excel in efficiency. Bring your Hearing conservation program up to speed with these WebAudi provided services and/or WebAudi Custom Services tailored to fit your individual business requirements.

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Summary of WebAudi Services

Industrial Audiometric Testing
(with On-Site Nofitication Letters)

Our Traditional Industrial Audiometric Testing services include the following:

  • On-site Industrial Mobile Trailer Audiometric Testing
       (Optional: In-Plant Testing*)

  • 6 – 12 Employees tested per hour

  • 1 CAOHC and Ohio state Certified audiometric technician

  • Micro Processing Testing

  • Manual Audiometric Testing ( testing similar to your local audiology and ENT clinics)

  • Employee database tracking capabilities
    (name, social security number *, birth date, date of employment)

  • With current client data provided noise levels (dB-A)/time-weighted-average (TWA) and hearing protection device (HPD) tracking and evaluation

  • Otoscopic (ear) examination on all employees

  • Hearing and ear histories on all employees

  • Immediate on-site notification letters for all employees, following hearing test procedure

  • Brief industrial audiometric testing consultation, following Hearing test procedure

  • Informal Hearing Conservation Education Programs (access to films, literature, hearing protection devices)

  • Custom ear molds *

  • Representation in litigation

  • Raw data returned to home office, confirmed and re-evaluated, and returned to company within two (2) weeks

* Custom Option (See Below For More Details)

*Custom Services available upon request:

  • In-Plant Testing

    Portable acoustic chamber placed in company office or conference room (passing OSHA noise level requirements?)

  • Formal Hearing Conservation Education Programs (Lectures and Presentations)

  • Informal Hearing Conservation Education Programs
    (access to films, literature, hearing protection devices)

  • Custom ear molds

  • 2-CAOHC and Ohio state Certified audiometric technicians or Micro Processing testing capabilities
    (up to 22 employees tested per hour)

Hearing Conservation Program

WebAudi defines a successful Hearing Conservation Program as one which covers all of the following five areas: Noise Identification (noise levels), Histories, Testing, Protection and Education. (See Image 1 Below)

View of WebAudi's Hearing Conservation Program

Image 1 - WebAudi's Hearing Conservation Program

Five Part Hearing Conservation Program

  • Noise Identification (noise levels)

    Noise by definition (Sataloff, 1966) is any unwanted sound (airplanes, gunfire, industries, military, loud music, etc.). According to the OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration,revised 1988) Standard once the noise-levels, for the workplace, reach or exceed 85 dB(A) an effective Hearing Conservation Program must be enacted. The two (2) devices utilized to measure noise-levels are either a sound level meter (SLM) and octave band analyzer or dosimeter. In WebAudi, these findings can be entered either manually or electronically.

  • Histories (Exams and Medical)

    Prior to any medical examination or evaluation an ongoing thorough history of the patient/employee is imperative for full (total) understanding of possible cause and effects that can influence the outcome of the (your) results. WebAudi has a thorough and easy to follow checklist of ear (otoscopic examinations) and hearing history.

  • Hearing Testing

    Audiometric tests (hearing tests) are obtained utilizing a manual or microprocessor audiometers (WebAudi accepts either one). OSHA Law requires the minimum frequencies to be tested are; 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 and 6000Hz. OSHA and WebAudi strongly advise adding 8000Hz to help determine aging-vs-noise related hearing problems.

    Remember, according to OSHA, employees must be out of industrial noise (we at WebAudi advise all potentially harmful noise) 14 hours prior to testing or its equivalent (Quiet-Rule) proper utilization of hearing protection, prior to testing.

    Testing Environment- to insure proper (legally binding) test scores, ambient noise levels should meet or exceed OSHA Standard to best meet these requirements, WebAudi and OSHA strongly advise the utilization of a sound room or sound test chamber.

  • Hearing Protection

    Hearing protection devices (HPD’s) comes in all shapes and sizes with varying degrees of effectiveness (NIOSH-NRR).

    According to CAOHC (Council for Accreditation for Hearing Conservation) there are four (4) types of hearing protection devices; Ear plugs, Ear muffs, Semi-aurals and Special protectors.

    Remember, according to the late Dr. Aram Glorig, the founder of Industrial Hearing Conservation, “the best hearing protection, is the hearing protection that is worn” and WebAudi adds “properly”.

  • Hearing Education

    According to OSHA, the most important part to a successful Hearing Conservation Program is education. WebAudi’s unique personal employee/patient notification letter provides all the information needed to educate, train and notify in an immediate handy 8 ˝ X 11 letter, or with the click of a mouse to your computer screen.

WebAudi provides your company the audiometric and training tools you need for measured success within your Hearing Conservation Program. Please review the following descriptions of each section and contact WebAudi about setting up your Hearing Conservation Program.

Patented Real-Time Audiometric Evaluation/Analysis Process

With over 35 years in the audiology and audiometric analysis, we have built a process which we consider to be highly-efficient and unique. With this commitment to the hearing industry and a drive to increase performance we engineered and developed the WebAudi Audiometric Evaluation and Analysis system. We believe our methods are unique and innovative in nature, so much so that we patented the entire process.

Internet “Real-time” Audiometric Evaluation Analysis System Evaluations of company in-house audiometric tests. Testing results are immediately sent via the internet for entry in to our secured database for “real-time” employee tracking evaluation analysis (patent #6,882,732)

If you would like to find out more about WebAudi or becoming a client of WebAudi, please contact us using the link below.

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